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What Are Mineral Rights in West Virginia?

Mineral rights are the ownership claims for natural resources located beneath a plot of land. Our state of West Virginia is known for being rich in natural resources, and as a result, there are many individuals who own land and minerals.

These natural resources include:

  • Coal
  • Oil
  • And gas

Some may have a good grasp of their mineral rights, having worked in the industry for years, while others have inherited mineral rights from their families and are unsure of what their rights entail.

If you own land and looking to transfer a lease, are having a dispute over royalties, or simply want legal advice on titles, our West Virginia mineral law attorneys can provide counsel.

Persinger & Persinger, L.C. has worked in the energy and natural resource industry for decades and can be trusted to advocate on your behalf.

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Our Mineral Law Services

Navigating the natural resource industry can be confusing, especially when you’re facing a mountain of paperwork for leases and royalty payments.

Our lawyers have years of experience with:

  • Helping oil and gas operators
  • Working interest owners
  • Lessees and lessors
  • And royalty owners with their issues and transactions

No lease agreement is too complicated, and no dispute is too intimidating for our team to tackle. We’re devoted to protecting your rights as a land or mineral owner, as well as educating you so you can make informed decisions you can feel confident in.

We’ve worked on cases including:

  • Lease termination
  • Royalty payments
  • Gas and oil title examinations and easements
  • Mineral property and ownership disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Lease or selling of minerals
  • Breach of joint operating agreements
  • Preferential purchase rights
  • Transfers of ownership

If you own land or minerals, the last thing you want to do is take a risk and try to handle the paperwork yourself. If you’re selling or transferring ownership, you want to hire a mineral law attorney to oversee the transaction to ensure you’re getting the best end of the deal.

How Do You Transfer Inherited Mineral Rights?

After inheriting mineral rights, there is a short period of probate during which you can have the mineral rights transferred to you by the will executor. There will be a title search by the insurance company and an attorney to make sure the deceased did indeed have legal rights to the minerals, oil, or gas. After this process, if everything is in order, the rights will pass on to you.

Lease Negotiations & Ownership Disputes

In the area of natural resource, common situations that require the help of a legal team include lease negotiations and ownership rights disputes. By hiring a lawyer, you can avoid creating any more issues for yourself down the line.

Lease Negotiations

If you’re a mineral owner or a landowner, you want to get the best possible deal for your property – our team can help you with this with our negotiation skills. If you have a new lease, we can help you retain high upfront bonuses and royalty percentages. If you’re on a long-term lease, we can negotiate an amended lease to make sure you’re receiving the maximum value of your mineral rights in West Virginia.

We can also negotiate leases so that water supplies aren’t interrupted, surface rights are protected, and roads and equipment are all placed where you specify.

Ownership Rights Disputes

In West Virginia, it’s common for mineral rights from generations ago to be handed down to family members through wills or an inheritance, but sometimes, it’s unclear as to who owns what, and disputes arise. Royalty disputes are also common. Our mineral law attorneys have successfully litigated disputes between owners and can help you to protect your rights to land and resources through a thorough investigation and interpretation of the reservations.

If you’re caught in a land dispute, or wondering if you are receiving the full value of your mineral rights, don’t wait to hire representation that can speak on your behalf. Call us today at (304) 346-9333or fill out our online contact form.

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