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Protecting Your Family’s Future

When you’re thinking about passing on, it’s only natural that you want to feel confident that your family will be okay when you’re gone, and that your wishes for them will be understood.

The best way to legally ensure that your plans for your family’s future will be followed is to have an estate plan, which includes important features known as wills and trusts.

Our estate planning attorneys in West Virginia have more than 65 years of combined legal experience and is reputable in our state and among our peers. You can trust us to treat you with respect and to put your desires first when drafting your will or managing your trusts.

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Wills & Trusts

Two key factors that go into creating a proper estate plan are wills and trusts. Our attorneys can help you create and manage both so that when you pass away, there will be no confusion among your family members and friends – the documents will be clear and allow for no other interpretation than what you’ve provided.

What Is a Will?

Wills are documents that go into effect once you die, and decides how your money and property will be distributed.

If you have a certified will, a judge will oversee the reading of the will and distribution of property, which is known as a probate. However, because the probate process is known to be lengthy and expensive, many people avoid this by establishing trusts.

What Is a Trust?

Trusts are documents that allow people to avoid the court process and directly transfer money and property to beneficiaries.

When you are alive, you are your own trustee who can manage your assets, but we recommend you nominate a trustee to take over distribution once you die.

There are various types of trusts that can be established depending on its purpose, including:

  • Tax planning
  • Medi-Cal planning
  • Asset protection planning
  • Special needs planning
  • Veterans’ benefit planning

If you’re not sure where to begin or which kind of trust you want to establish, don’t worry – it’s our job as estate planning attorneys to help you decide what to build into your plan, and which documents you need to legalize your trusts.

Power of Attorney

Our lawyers can also help you establish a power of attorney, which means while alive, you’ll be giving power to another person to help you manage your assets and finances.

There are specific documents that go into establishing a power of attorney, including one that establishes a healthcare power of attorney, or someone who can make important health-related decisions on your behalf.

Typically, aging individuals who can no longer take care of themselves give power of attorney to their children, or a spouse.

Also Helping to Manage Large Estates, Including Land

If land or mineral ownership is a part of your estate, our attorneys can manage it, too. We can develop an estate plan for your family that is tax-efficient and legal, so that your land goes to the right people.

At Persinger & Persinger, L.C., we believe in helping people lead improved lives, which includes the lives of your family members who will be around after you’re gone. You want to protect them – we can help.

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